Vive tu Vida en el Mercado Fort Washington en la calle 168

El mercado "Fort Washington Greenmarket" regresará  5 de junio de 2012.



 In collaboration with community partners, our institutions and GrowNYC, CHALK has brought a new farmers' market to our neighborhood! Click on the below flyer for weekly updates on market activities and sales. Keep reading to learn about the history of the market and links to outreach flyers and related programs.

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History of the Market at 168th Street

There's more "green" in Washington Heights and Inwood starting July 6th 2010, and that's a very good thing. GrowNYC (which runs Greenmarket), NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center have brought a new farmers' market to the communities of Upper Manhattan.  The market will is managed by GrowNYC, a city-wide environmental organization and is one of nearly 50 markets operated by the organization locally. This exciting new outdoor market is located on Fort Washington Ave. between 168th and 169th streets, open every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting July 6th through November 23rd. In addition to its food offerings, the market hosts cooking demonstrations, nutritional counseling, kids' games and health-related outreach events. This is WaHI's third farmers' market, a testament to the demand for and resources behind healthy, local, and eco-conscious living.

 NYP-CUMC_map market.jpg click for the location of the market 


What makes this market so very exciting is how NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center and community will weave services into the market. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is vital for a healthy life, and now medical teams will be able to send patients right around the corner to shop. In addition to the market accepting EBT and NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene "Health Bucks", the institutions are issuing "Green Bucks", farmers' market coupons for patients, students, employees and local residents  to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.


greenmarketpeaches.JPGThe market is largely made possible by CHALK (Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for Kids) a program of the Ambulatory Care Network of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center's Community Pediatrics. Over the past two years, CHALK has worked closely with Greenmarket and institutional programs such as NYPgreen (the hospital's eco-sustainability program), the community task force CHALK sponsors "Vive tu Vida/Live your Life" and various community partners in bringing the market to the area. "I wanted to bring a resource behind the words "Live your Life. Energy, Balance, Action," says CHALK's Program Manager Stephanie Pitsirilos-Boquín, referencing a message created by WaHI residents to promote healthy living. "So often health campaigns focus on "educating" and not enough on examining whether resources exist (or are effectively used) for people to practice healthy habits. Much like how the "Vive tu Vida/Live your Life" campaign bridges community and businesses with healthy lifestyles services, the market will help the institutions strengthen their health promotion services. Ultimately, we hope it contributes to a healthier, vibrant Washington Heights and Inwood."


greenmarkettour.JPGCHALK also promotes and ties services to the existing markets in WaHI. Upon request every summer CHALK is at the 175th Street Greenmarket with kids' games and hula hooping, and both markets have CHALK racks with kid-friendly, culturally appropriate recipes. The 168th Street market has a CHALK/Live your Life tent that serves as the "hub" for the "Vive tu Vida/Live your Life" campaign but also for various Hospital, University and community programs to promote their services to shoppers. The grand opening was July 6th and included a ribbon cutting ceremony with music, raffles, giveaways and special guest speakers, including City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.


Fireworks were not the only thing happening in July!


Quick CHALK Tips for shopping at the Fort Washington Greenmarket at 168th Street:

  • Farmers' markets are mostly "pay-with-cash" shopping, however this market will accept debit/credit cards as well as EBT. Usually this means heading over to the Greenmarket tent. Ask the farmer before you buy to be sure. 
  • It's helpful to have small bills when making your purchases. 
  • If a farmer is having trouble recognizing what your Green Bucks are, go to the Greenmarket or CHALK/Vive tu Vida tent.
  • If this is your first time buying local fruits and vegetables, you may be surprised with the variety of shapes, colors and sizes available. You're buying food that is straight from the farm and of different varieties, and so they may look a little different than what you find in the supermarket.  
  • Don't forget to bring your re-usable bags to the market in addition to any plastic bags you have at home for weighing produce. It helps reduce the amount of plastic bag garbage in the environment and can save the farmers money. CHALK will have weekly raffles for tote bags at the market at our tent.
  • Some farmers will recollect egg cartons, milk bottles and plastic fruit containers. Ask them if they reuse them so you know whether to bring them back.
  • Sometimes it's good to go in with a shopping list for essentials, but sometimes it's good to plan your meals while at the market. Part of the joy of shopping at the market is that produce is seasonal and you're introduced to many new varieties of fruits, vegetables and other foods. Have an open mind and try new things!
  • The market is open every Tuesday from 8am-5pm, no matter the weather (it's open rain, snow or sunshine).
  • If you are returning to work with your perishable food purchases remember to refrigerate them!
  • If you are not sure how to cook something or are curious about the health benefits of a particular item, stop by the Greenmarket tent or CHALK/Vive tu Vida tent. You'll find knowledgeable professionals there to answer your questions, including cooking and nutrition demonstrations from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in addition to guest programs that rotate weekly.
  • Get to know the farmers. Ask them questions. Farmers' markets are a social experience.

 Outreach flyers to promote the markets of Washington Heights/Inwood:

  • Greenmarket flyers for 168th Street English/Spanish 
  • CHALK and Vive tu Vida/Live your Life flyer for 168th Street market (changes weekly with events) Spanish and English.
  • CHALK and VIve tu Vida/Live your Life postcards for all markets in WaHI, highlight on 168th. Spanish and English.
  • Learn how to cook those vegetables! Cooking demonstrations with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Stellar Farmers' Markets Program. Click images below for Spanish/English.

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Farmers Market Join Us_6_7_10_Page_2.jpg


  • To learn what will be available at the market, visit Greenmarket's website:

Our Ft. Washington Market July farmers include:


Rogelio Bautista, R&R Produce: Orange county, variety of vegetables with some Mexican specialty items
Pam Clarke Torres, Pam Prospect Hill Orchard: Ulster county, fruit and farm baked goods
Barbara Fuller,  Ballard's Honey : Honey + bee pollen
John Madura,  John D Madura Farm  exotic mushrooms & popcorn
Joseph Morgiewicz,  Morgiewicz Produce: Orange county, wide variety of vegetables
Joseph Nicholson Jr.,  Red Jacket Orchard: Finger lakes, Fruit, jams, and juices
Sergio Nolasco,  Nolasco's Farm: Warren county, New Jersey wide variety of vegetables, some plants, some Mexican specialty items


  • To learn how to get free NYC DOHMH "Health Bucks" ($2 farmer's market coupons)


  • To purchase "Green Bucks" ($2 farmer's market coupons issued by CHALK and NYPH-CUMC for certain markets)

            send your request to To learn more about what "Green Bucks" are, download the postcards in Spanish and English

  • Going Green at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (website coming soon)